I am Jon Aspen

I have one hell of a ghost story to tell you, and the first thing to understand about ghosts is that they’re not actually dead. They are beautiful and sophisticated and dangerous. They are freelight.

My novel Freelight is a reinvention of the ghost story and the very concept of ghosts. It’s about a twenty-five-year-old artist, a series of murders, and a spectral world called Arbor Florum perched on the edge of tyranny. It takes you on a trip inside the other side. It’s a ghost story told truly from the ghost’s point of view.

I’m currently in the process of chasing literary agents and attempting to build that so-called “online presence.” If you’d like to keep in touch, there’s a mailing list form below. Feel free to sign up. I won’t bother you unless something major is going down.

Savis Echus,

Jon Aspen

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